If the HustleFish crew has a common thread, it’s having a roundabout (and interesting) path to their current position on our team. For Ted, his journey started somewhere decidedly unrelated to technology: teaching physical education.

Luckily for us, Ted’s desire to learn web development eventually won out, and he jumped headfirst into coding. But he hasn’t completely left behind his penchant for team building. In fact, he finds working around a diverse team helps him level up his own skills. Whether he’s bringing graphic designers’ vision to life or learning from other developers, Ted always finds a way to bring more to the table.

As a Support Developer here at HustleFish, Ted enjoys solving problems for our clients. He believes our team’s biggest goal is client happiness, and takes the time to understand their needs before developing a solution. Learning something new or solving an old problem in a new way is his favorite part of the job, and it’s clear he brings that joy to every project he works on.

In his off time, Ted enjoys hanging out with his wife and their young son or playing the latest game on PlayStation.