Pedro Fuentes epitomizes the soul of an artist; he pursues his passions with vigor while taking time to explore the world around him. If you’ve ever doubted whether web design can be art, wait until he gets his hands on your website.

Pedro has always loved drawing, and often takes inspiration from his favorite superheroes or manga characters. While he originally set out to be a comic book illustrator, he later shifted his focus to graphic design and web development. His versatility makes him invaluable to the HustleFish team; he knows his way around a sketchbook, but also knows code and has built a PC from scratch.

As one of our support developers, Pedro makes sure clients’ websites do more than just perform — they inspire. Website redesigns are his favorite projects to work on, and his eye for design and technical skills combine to create jaw-dropping results. Web development currently takes up most of his time, but Pedro hopes to add more graphic design to his responsibilities in the future.

In his off time Pedro enjoys tasty cuisine, whether that’s hunting down the latest taco truck or finding the perfect microbrew to pair with a Bahn Mi. He also likes 70s kung fu movies and hanging out with his girlfriend and their three pets.