Ship Shadow

Ship Shadow is a subscription service that helps ecommerce businesses track orders, shipments, and package deliveries from one convenient and easy-to-use platform.


Ship Shadow helps customers track every step of the shipping and delivery process. Keeping shipment expectations clear helps small businesses build customer trust and retainment. Ship Shadow is the one-stop shop for businesses to monitor their entire mail stream.


Our mission was to design a strong logo and branding system for Ship Shadow to leverage throughout marketing materials, social media and the website. Additionally, Ship Shadow was in need of a website revamp to draw in new customers.


We built a beautiful, custom website that leverages a dark theme to emphasize Ship Shadow’s ability to “shine a light” on customers’ shipping issues. The final design showcases gradient bursts and playful illustrations to guide a user through the site. The Ship Shadow logo solution also works across multiple platforms – small and large usage.


  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • Illustration-Based / Custom Graphics
  • Logo Design & Branding

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