Lafayette Rotary Club

Founder’s 1905 Coffee Company is a fundraising tool for the Lafayette Rotary Club. They sell coffee and coffee subscriptions to help raise money for their mission. They also allow other Rotary Clubs from around the country use the website and offer fundraising to their members and supporters!


Lafayette Rotary Club approached us to design a custom e-commerce website for their fundraising project, Founder’s 1905 Coffee Company. The team wanted orders to be fulfilled by a 3rd party drop shipping service, and for other Rotary Clubs to be able to offer this service to their members.


To make Founder’s 1905 Coffee Company a stand-alone brand that connects back to Rotary. We made the e-commerce user experience as streamlined as possible to move customers easily through the funnel.


We partnered with Lafayette Rotary to design a user-friendly experience with making a difference at the forefront. The site was built on a powerful content management system to ensure it could be editable in-house by staff. We also set up affiliate profiles for other Rotary Clubs to be able to use the site for fundraising and automatically get paid for their efforts!


  • E-Commerce Web Development
  • Custom Web Design
  • Mobile Design

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